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Fluids Superintendent | RTC-1 Employment Services

Position Title: Fluids Superintendent

Employment Type: 1 year renewable contract

Salary: all inclusive depending on experience and qualifications

Job Location: UAE

About the Client:

A leading oil and gas company in UAE

Job Description:

– Knowledge of maintenance scheduling

– Lead and communicate effectively with both wellsite and office based drilling team, and plan, administer training/update to Mud Engineers and Rig Crew

– Create Technical Justifications and Technical Writing skills (experience in training or technical management required)

– Ability to supervise and or manage Liquid Mud Plant activities including possible interventions for problem solving and to optimize operations at the LMP

– Preparation of the SoW for the Drilling and Completion Fluids and Cement slurries, equipment, materials and services Tenders and for the technical evaluation of the same

– Responsible for recommendations related to the drilling fluids optimization for hole cleaning efficiency (i.e. flow rates, Low Shear Rate Viscosities, RPM, ROP, etc.)

– Knowledgeable on the properties and technical specification of the drilling mud (i.e. solids calculations, fluid chemistry, etc.) and its impact on drilling operation

– Knowledgeable on specific drilling operations/challenges (i.e. slow ROP, high torque, stuck pipe, stuck casing, cementing, completions, etc.) including MPD operations.

– Understanding of premium and substitute fluid additives and their function and ability to formulate fluid types with the cost aspect comparable to international standards or less without sacrificing quality

– Audit laboratory and lab personnel as per testing API RPs

– Participate if required, in ITT document preparation. Past ITT preparation or participation is required.

– Knowledge of the principles of Buy Back and its value to the operator

– Knowledge of loss circulation and its procedures along with MPD operations

– Knowledgeable on key MI SWACO, BAROID, BAKER, MIGS, etc. product usage and limitation, applications, and possible substitution

– Knowledgeable on cementing slurry design, lab test methods, cement additives

– Knowledge of MSDS and environmental compliance toxicity listing

– Revision of cementing lab simulations, cementing formulation evaluation and cementing operations programs

– Ability to lab test and formulate low filtrate/HPHT SOBM, HPWBM and/or conventional Polymer Type WBM

– Ability to identify risk of lost circulation and simulate, test verify effectiveness of treatment via PPA, Sand Bed Test or equivalent

– Proficiency using MI-SWACO ONETRAX ECCP software inclusive of Hydraulic Simulations VCCP platform and OPTIBRIDGE

– Ability to track, plan and communicate future lab equipment calibrations and methodology

– Knowledge of managing a Liquid Mud Plant and the components that make up the plant

– Compliance of Fluids activities with operational and environmental standards while optimizing fluids related engineering and operations in order to facilitate well operations performance. Implementation of the fluid programs, co-ordinate activity between fluid service companies, vendors and operator to optimize performance.

– Create, technically justify and implement the drilling fluid program independently using industry best practice and international RPs

– Track drilling fluids samples collected and that all relevant drilling fluids tests are conducted as per API RPs at wellsite and/or independent laboratory

– Interpreting the results of all relevant drilling fluids data and communicate forward recommendation to personnel

– Ability regarding lab equipment and reporting on Particle Size Distribution (PSD) and its impact


– BSc Chemistry or similar or Earth Sciences or 3-year Technical Diploma in Earth Science equivalent preferred

– Must have more than 10 years industry experience in fluids, solids control and waste management. Past work performed directly for an advantage.

– UAE or GCC experience is required.

– A minimum of 12 years diversified international experience for international assignments which includes MPD operations and severe to total losses

– A minimum of 2 years of industry experience requirements must be in remote drilling locations with H2S risk and densities above 14ppg

– Experience using SOBM and HPWBM in GCC and tight filtrate non-aqueous drilling fluids; experience with various completion fluids

– Experience dealing with total losses, stuck pipe, reaming, back reaming, extreme geomechanical stresses, hole instability, MPD drilling is a must

– Extensive experience with cementing activities is required (planning operational experience)

– Must have extensive experience using MI SWACO ECCP and VCCP platforms

– Experience using any other service provider software will be an advantage

– Must be able to derive and extract data from OpenWells or wellsite equivalent

RTC-1 Employment Services is a licensed recruitment firm based in Dubai, UAE. Our team has been in the market since 2004 and we are supporting various industries with their staffing needs across the Middle East and Africa.

Fluids Superintendent | RTC-1 Employment Services

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