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Credit Controller will be responsible for managing the credit control process within the organization. 

Primary objective will be to ensure that outstanding debts are collected promptly while maintaining positive relationships with customers. 

Work closely with the Finance Manager and other departments to minimize credit risk and contribute to the financial health of the company.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Credit Assessment:

• Assess the creditworthiness of new and existing customers by reviewing their financial history, credit reports, and payment behavior.

• Establish and maintain credit limits for customers based on their risk profile.

2. Customer Communication:

• Build and maintain positive relationships with customers, providing them with relevant information regarding their account status and payment obligations.

• Respond to customer inquiries and resolve disputes or discrepancies promptly.

3. Debt Collection:

• Implement effective debt collection strategies, including sending reminder letters, making phone calls, and initiating legal action if necessary.

• Maintain accurate records of all collection activities.

4. Reporting and Analysis:

• Prepare regular reports on accounts receivable, aging analysis, and credit risk assessment for management.

• Identify trends in customer payment behavior and recommend improvements to credit policies.

5. Credit Policy Management:

• Review and update credit policies and procedures to ensure they are aligned with the organization's financial goals and industry standards.

• Train staff in other departments on credit-related matters and policies.

6. Risk Management:

• Monitor and assess credit risk associated with customers and take proactive measures to minimize bad debt losses.

7. Documentation and Compliance:

• Maintain accurate and up-to-date customer records and credit files.

• Ensure compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-10-05
Job Location: United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Job Role: Finance and Investment
Company Industry: Accounting
Monthly Salary: US $2,000

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