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Planning and Forecasting

  • Maintain budgets for the allocated department under him/her and extra-curricular activities necessary to enhance the hospital image and achievements.
  • Plans other activities contributory to the goals, mission, and vision.
  • Ensure daily rounds of the Hospitals and reporting to COO & coordinate with concern department to fix the same & always ensure the hospital is best of looks at any given time.
  • Establishing 5 Star Hospitality cultural with concern department allocated to him/her.
  • Ensure proper Audit & Record are verified for outsourced service before any payments made to them.
  • No Personal benefits to be availed from any outsourced suppliers with whom we are working.
  • Ensure the Car parking area in good condition and maintenance is kept as high standard.


  • Organizes all materials, facilities, personnel and other resources necessary to run the hospital operations for allocated department.


  • Supervises allocated department reporting under him/her by conducting regular inspections (or making departmental visits) and receiving endorsements or regular reports from the departments.
  • Issues directives necessary to carry out daily business operations.
  • Establish new or modification of policies and procedures in the objective of improving the system taking in consideration all advises and programs of the hospital-wide QPS Department.
  • Provide Support to all Internal department for organizing events Indoor & Outdoor


  • Monitors allocated department under him/her activities ensuring high quality services, correction of errors to avoid repetition of the same mistakes.
  • Implements rules and regulations; policies and procedures making sure implementation is effectively carried out by all staff. Ensures policies and procedures are in place for references.
  • Utilizes effectively all the resources such as: manpower, finance, materials, physical facilities and space to ensure efficient results, well balanced work and safety environment.
  • Establishes a good system for the careful, economical, and efficient utilization of resources.
  • Prevents misuse of Hospital facilities and Assets.
  • Ensure proper reporting system are in place for repair & maintenance of any hospital assets.
  • Ensure any movement of Fixed Assets are controlled and highlighted to Fixed Assets Officer & approval from COO.
  • Report to prevent and cope-up with fire, theft, and unexpected disasters within the hospital premises.
  • Records are properly maintained and safeguarded and treated as confidential.


  • Represents the higher management in all its undertakings with appropriate information given to COO for full awareness.
  • Takes decision for any administrative issues in consultation with the COO.
  • Implements hospital compliance of all government rules and regulations, legal and ethical issues, and other statutory requirements in collaboration with Government and Legal Affairs Directorates.


  • Reports to the Higher Management (COO) all administrative issues and decision-makings for their support and awareness.
  • Facilitates daily communications for the hospital to both internal and external organizations and clients.
  • Attends inter-departmental and departmental meetings to get majority feedback, suggestions, decision-makings including but not limited to medical meetings.
  • Provides leadership for quality services through: monitoring quality practices, professional and technical advisory; and collaborating closely with QPS team.


  • Work closely with hospital’s Steering Members for the day to day operations.
  • Creates a favorable organizational climate in resolving major organizational conflicts, and promotes high employee morale job satisfaction.


  • Attend Steering Committee Meeting and other administrative meetings scheduled from time to time to assess overall situations.
  • Evaluates/assess all services in developing and improving the quality and range of services, facilities, and protocols for efficient hospital operations in collaboration with QPS Department.
  • Promotes a positive image of the hospital and develops good public relations with the government and private sector officials and the community at large.
  • Takes active interest in upgrading personal professional competence to keep him abreast of the current administrative techniques and practices.
  • Performs other functions that may be designated by the Regional CEO & COO.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-10-16
Job Location: United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Job Role: Management
Company Industry: Healthcare, other

Preferred Candidate

Degree: Bachelor's degree

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