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The job description of a Planner Timekeeping professional in the oil and gas industry involves managing and coordinating various aspects of project planning, scheduling, and timekeeping to ensure efficient and timely completion of tasks. Here's a detailed breakdown of the responsibilities:

1. Project Planning:

Develop and maintain detailed project plans, outlining tasks, milestones, and timelines.

Collaborate with project managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to understand project requirements and objectives.

Use project management software/tools to create and update project schedules.

2. Resource Allocation:

Coordinate with different departments to allocate resources effectively, including personnel, equipment, and materials.

Ensure that resource availability aligns with project timelines and objectives.

3. Timekeeping:

Implement and manage timekeeping systems to accurately track the hours worked by employees and contractors on various projects.

Review and verify timesheets for accuracy and compliance with company policies.

4. Schedule Optimization:

Identify and address potential schedule conflicts and constraints.

Work closely with project teams to optimize schedules for maximum efficiency and productivity.

5. Risk Management:

Identify potential risks that may impact project schedules.

Develop contingency plans and strategies to mitigate schedule risks.

6. Reporting and Communication:

Generate regular reports on project progress, resource utilization, and any deviations from the planned schedule.

Communicate with project teams and management to provide updates on project timelines and potential issues.

7. Continuous Improvement:

Evaluate the effectiveness of planning and timekeeping processes and implement improvements as needed.

Stay informed about industry best practices and emerging technologies to enhance project planning and timekeeping efficiency.

8. Compliance:

Ensure that project planning and timekeeping activities comply with industry regulations and company policies.

Collaborate with relevant departments to address any compliance issues.

9. Documentation:

Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation related to project plans, schedules, and timekeeping records.

10. Coordination with Contractors:

Collaborate with contractors and subcontractors to align their schedules with project timelines.

Monitor contractor performance and adherence to schedules.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-11-20
Job Location: United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Company Industry: Heavy Industry & Metallurgy

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