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  • Review drawings for correctness and clarity of information and take necessary action to ensure sufficient information is available, Monitor and ensure that only current / latest revisions of Issued for Construction drawings are being used, and withdraw all superseded drawings from site.
  • Supervision of work activities on site and reporting any trends for delays to the Section Engineer.
  • Record and maintain daily site events.
  • Monitor progress of work against Construction programme to ensure that the progress is in accordance to the Construction Programme.
  • Take necessary corrective actions on work requiring rework or remedial actions as instructed and directed by Section Engineer.
  • Monitor, control, and coordinate the works of different trade subcontractors and report on their progress and or trends for problems / delays to Section Engineer.
  • Ensure that safety procedures are implemented on site and report any risks to Safety Officer/Section Engineer.
  • Maintain at all time site diary, recording daily site activities and any circumstances that have adverse effect on the Project.
  • Identifies and plans the inspection requirement for internal process along with his schedule on next days planned inspections.
  • Ensure that no work is submitted for inspection unless it is complete and complies with all specified requirements.
  • Distributes manpower with General foremen, including equipment and materials to achieve the required progress and in compliance with the project quality requirements in coordination with his Section Engineer.
  • Supervises the activities of foremen, trade foremen, and land surveyors, each according to his assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Ensures that only approved materials are used.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2023-12-22
Job Location: United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
Job Role: Engineering
Company Industry: Civil Engineering; Construction & Building

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